Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Ulterior Motive

Starting a new firm, even in your beloved area of sepcialization is no cakewalk. Many newcomers in the SEOin Pune with the big dreams may have realized that it’s not that easy to realize all those cherished dreams. That picture of perfect happiness just needs too many colors and too many strokes!

I am in no mood to give you all those childish tips about how to become successful and influential…I am not a self help book writer. I believe people with these much ambitions are mature enough to understand the gravity of the task which they want to accomplish. What I want to pinpoint is the motive, the driving force behind this mammoth task.

Everything is relative, nothing is absolute. The same applies to the definition of success. For some people, it’s only about money. For others money is nothing. For few, success is money plus many other things. The important question to ask here is where do you fit? Do you want to start a new company just because you want to earn money or you want to make a significant contribution in that field? What you want to become? A trend setter or a trend follower? It may sound too philosophical and even out of sync to some people, but this is what differentiates a leader from the follower!

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