Monday, July 21, 2014

Ways to Develop your Marketing Strategy

Developing efficient business marketing strategies are decisive to building and maintaining strong sales and a successful software business. Efficient marketing strategies make sure that one's marketing activities are well aligned with business goals. Thus, don't make an error of considering marketing strategy a late addition. If you want to focus on your sales effort, on product or service planning and eventually save the business money and lessen time to market, then it's advisable to take a little time to write down your strategy prior to implementing your marketing plan. It's not necessary that developing some efficient business marketing strategies will be difficult or time consuming. If you are aware about your target customer and the point your product or service is addressing, then you're by now there. If not, then you should start with some software marketing research planning. If your company is small or just starting out, it's a good idea to really focus in a niche where you can overdeliver value (particularly in a recession).

Developing Your Business Marketing Strategies
Always think of the strategies as the rules that will guide your marketing decisions. For instance, if you find there's a single channel partner who can reach all your customers and has a great influence over how those customers try solving their pain points; one of your strategies could be to focus on creating a strong relationship with that channel partner.

Prioritize Marketing Tactics
The next thing is to go through the several marketing tactics that are available to you You must now be able to prioritize these marketing activities as sub bullets under each of the marketing strategies you recognized above. Never lose focus; and if any marketing activity doesn't hit your precise target customer profile in a cost effective way, and doesn't support one of your important strategies, then don't do it.

Identifying Target Customer
Identifying your target client is a crucial element of any marketing plan. Knowing your target market and getting a really clear picture of your prospective client helps you properly define and market your product or service as efficiently as possible. It's possible that you already have a well defined software or service product or possibly you are just in the process of re-defining or launching your portfolio. Either way you must ensure that you really understand the particular profile of your best target customer for each product on your site.  The current changes in software development in Pune, make this even more challenging. To develop the target customer profile, you must begin by looking at your current customer base. Try to look which have been your best, most profitable customers and you need to measure best by the business value they have brought to you. It's true that some clients are great to work with, they never have complaints or issues and only buy when they are offered good discounts. Remember, you must always use the profit measure when figuring out the type of client you must be running after.

Identify the most profitable ones, when you go through your current customers. You will certainly find some that will have certain characteristics that stand out and these characteristics would make up the profile of your perfect customer.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Importance of Web Standards in Web Application Development

The ever increasing popularity of web enabled devices has led explosion of technology that was restricted to the website designers, developers and web application development company. Today, a normal user of technology is well equipped with various terms such as HTML 5, JavaScript and web standards. Today, several designers or developers getting into the development of web application often misinterpret the meaning of web standards. You might have probably heard about web standards if you're working with a professional web application or website development in Pune company. However, how many of you know the meaning of it and the importance of web standards in the development of a website.

Knowing about Web Standards

One of the main aim of creating web standards, such as the HTML and more, was to get over the lack of compatibility and celebrate  the de facto standards while allowing the developers and web application development companies to build sites that work effortlessly across all the browsers. Standards bodies such as the World Wide Web Consortium were formed as forums to establish harmony across the industry and among vendors. Besides this, there are other standards such as XML, CSS3, DOM and ECMAScript that are formed to find agreement across the industry on the technologies that will drive the web including CSS and HTML.

As new hardware such as mobile and tablet device evolved, the designers and developers found it impossible to develop a web application that's compatible with all the devices. The most effective and easy way to design and develop sites more effectively is to follow the web standards. Besides these, web standards also allow you leverage from graceful degradation at present and in the future. Today, web standards serve a very vital role, particularly when mobile and tablet devices are used by the people on a large scale across the world to browse the web.