Thursday, May 8, 2014


This may sound ridiculous and shocking, but even in the 21st century, the gender difference is as ubiquitous as public stupidity and is as palpable as government policy paralysis. The IT field, which is supposed to be merit oriented is also suffering from this social stigma.
Though the situation is changing, but the  truth is programming remains a male dominated arena; a territory which is still unexplored by women. The stats vouch for this somehow discriminatory nature of this field.
1: Out of the entire workforce, only 20 to 25% workforce is female.
2: Even in USA, only 12% women hold the Bachelors degree in Computer science.
It means only 1 out of 5 programers is a lady, and the situation is not different when we talk about Software development in Pune.

But why this is the case? What makes men more capable programmer than his female counterpart? May be women might score high on intelligence quotient, but on social quotient, they are on the lower step of the ladder. The society mind is so prejudiced that we fail to consider woman as something more than the loving mother, caring wife and dutiful daughter in law. Recruiters think that the family web and duties stop her to become a dedicated employee. Their physical problems, pregnancy goes against them, as it is believed that it reduces their efficiency and productivity. But how much truth is there in these allegations? Though it might be true in cases of some women, but this cannot be a generalization. 

My bag is bountiful with many such examples where women have overcome all the odds and problems and have established themselves as the personification and embodiment of excellence. Marrisa Mayer, the current CEO of giant Yahoo, Shikoh Gitau -- Founder of Ummeli, Prita Uppal -- Founder and CEO of Hooked, Leah Busque -- Founder and CEO of TaskRabbit. The list is long enough to prove that though woman is a nurturer by heart, she can be a task mistress by the brain. They don’t need special treatment, but equal treatment. Hope, the tech world becomes more balanced headed…a head which is free of biased and prefab thinking!


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