Monday, May 12, 2014

Good VS Bad

Just like each and every thing that exists on this planet, technology has its good and bad effects. Yes…it bears that gray shade. Sad part is some fanatics from the both the sides are not realizing it and most of the times,  their criticism is one dimensional and monochromatic.

 You can’t keep your eyes closed to the fact that technology has changed the way we used to live the life. Nothing in our life is untouched by it. Music, films, reading, ticket bookings, social networking sites and what not.  People prefer kindle over hard copies. It has affected our senses and sensibilities. It has eased our lives and technology does deserve our thanks.

But as rational mind would say, it’s a two edged sword. The world has observed its other side, which is much darker and worse. Pornography, piracy, frauds, stalking and hacking are few to name which has painted the grim picture and software development in Pune has contributed a lot in it, as being the tech city.

Even if we scratch our heads day and out and conduct intense debates about the ill effects, one would come to the conclusion that it all depends on the intentions of users. Internet as such is no good or evil thing. What users intent to do with it makes it useful or harmful. It’s just like a TV remote. It’s on you what you want to see.. Useful, informative programs or gossip tabloids and brainless cheap entertainment!

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