Monday, September 29, 2014

Software Development Life Cycle

Software development life cycle is a step by step process involved in the development of a software product. In some parts of the world, it's also known as software development process. The entire process is typically classified into a set of steps and a particular operation will be executed in each of the steps.

This is one of the most important stages and the foremost stage in software development in Pune. The primary aim of this stage is to plan the complete project and to estimate its merits and demerits. This phase includes the definition of the intended system, development of the project plan and parallel management of the plan right through the proceedings. A good and matured plan can build an extremely good initiative and can affect the entire project in a positive way.

The primary aim of this phase is to perform statistics and requirements gathering. The requirements for the project are decided and gathered, based on the analysis of the project and as a result of the influence of the results of the planning phase. After the gathering of the requirements for the project, they are given priority and made ready for further use. The decisions made in this phase are out and out due to the requirements analysis. Proceedings after the current phase are then defined.

The design phase begins after the analysis is over. The primary aim is to create the architecture of the total system. This is one of the vital stages of the process and serves to be a benchmark stage, since the errors performed until and during this stage can be cleared.

The testing phase is one of the last stages of the development process, and this is the phase where the final adjustments are made prior to presenting the totally developed software to the end user.

The toughest part of the software development life cycle is seen in the maintenance phase, which generally accounts for the highest amount of money. The team handling the maintenance is decided such that they monitor on the change in organization of the software and report to the developers, if required.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Points to Consider While Developing a Website

The design and development of a website should be a thoroughgoing and premeditated process. Generating a website outline is one of the most effective ways of doing this. As you expand the structure of your website, the several files and graphics that support your site need to be kept organized. This way you will certainly have a better control of the process whenever a change or update is essential. It's imperative to properly construct and maintain a website outline for the proper design and development of an efficient website. In this way you can keep track of the physical data that comprises your site. In simple words, a website outline helps you to control the growing database of files that accumulate as you develop your site.

Process for Developing a Website

Organize the Files: One of the important parts of a website development services in Pune is to always keep your website files organized on your hard drive in the similar way you are presenting it on the internet. By doing this simple step, you can save hours of wasted effort as your website takes shape.

Develop SubDirectories: You must create a subdirectory for each series of related pages or website sections. Keep all the related information together in individual sub folders. This will help you and the search engines to follow threads of thought and offer quick access to information for your visitors.

Plane for Expanding the Website: If you believe a page on a specific theme will expand into a number of pages, then immediately create a subdirectory for it during the development phase of the construction of your website and also populate it with relevant data on that specific subject or theme.

Use Simple Names for Files: Always name your subdirectories and files in an easy to recognize manner. Use your keywords in an efficient way while naming sub folders and files. This will certainly unite the content of your website and ensure that all of your website's file names are tied together in a logical way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Important Facts related to Website Development

Do you want a fabulously designed website for yourself? If yes, are you wondering as to how to make a website? You'll certainly have a hard time of things if your website is poorly designed. Given are some important tips that will help you to know how to design and develop a website and how it's important in taking the business ahead. While you go ahead with designing the website, you need to pay careful attention to the way the various colors you select to use on your website design. Ensure that the text is visible against the background colors. Dark text colors on light backgrounds are typically easier on the eyes than the other way around. If you're not sure whether you're making the right choice then you can ask someone to look at your color schemes. Ensure that there is a tagline which is prominently displayed on the website. A tagline is typically a motto or statement that expresses what the business focus on. This is significant since the average user knows whether they want to stay and explore a quick first impression of what you're about.

Also, make sure that the links are displayed wherein the users will find and should be prominently displayed. Getting menus on the site will make it a lot easier for your site. Ensure that each page in your site is properly designed so that people can find their way no matter where they are. Also, always be conscious of your site background as there are some website having backgrounds that make the website's text hard to read. Select a background that complements your site instead, and your visitors will find it much easier to read your message. Sure, it does provide more ways for you to build a responsive and transparent site, but it can also stop some visitors from accessing the content at all. The web browsing softwares out there vary greatly, and they are updates quite often. It's not that all visitors have the latest version of their browser.

Get High Rankings

You can get high rankings and increase web traffic to your site if yo develop the website as per the SEO requirements. SEO is a tool used for getting traffic to the website through using proper keywords. For getting the best results through SEO, it's very important that the website is developed to the best of its capacity.

Simple Navigation

Visitors mostly prefer exploring websites that can be navigated easily. So, it's vital to use a neat, clean and easy to use navigation structure. The placement of the navigation links also plays a significant role in knowing how long a visitor stays on a website.

Compatibility of the Browser

It's not necessary that a web design that works for one browser might work for another. While developing a website, a web developer should always ensure that the website works on the popular versions of different browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Safari. Websites that are cross browser compatible can be easily explored by visitors irrespective of the type of browser they are using.

Resolution of the Screen

Screen resolution of a website is a vital aspect of web design and it should not be overlooked. It's generally seen that websites designed to suit all types of screen resolutions are more popular.

Also, as mentioned above proper use of keywords is a vital aspect of website development in Pune. The visibility of the website in the search engine result pages can be boosted by creating appropriate meta tags, headers as well as content.