Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting Closer To The Closure

That inevitable phase comes at least once in everyones life when he is working in the web site development in Pune, or for that matter in any other city, when the product needs to be stopped. Reasons can be many: lack of demand, better product by the competitor or a plain marketing failure…the process of closure is no easy walk. Practically there is no difference between a closure and break up. You develop a product, nurture it, spends time with it and finally it’s time to say goodbye. Indeed, it is painful, emotionally as well as procedurally.

What adds insult to an injury is you have to plan the closure just as you had planned the launch. But this is necessary for your clients, users and marketing channel. They should not be left in the limbo, as that can seriously and permanently damage your company’s reputation.

For smooth and conclusive closure, certain things need to be considered and some spots should not be ignored.

1: Inform Your users
Inform users as much earlier as possible. The more time you give to the user , less they will panic. Besides, they will find more time to look for the substantial alternative to your product.

2: Stop New Entries
After announcing the closure, do not take any new entries or orders. It’s possible that some people may not be aware about curtain falling and may place the order. It will be difficult for you to streamline that.

3: End Your Marketing Pipe
When you are closing, take care to stop all the marketing activities related to that product. It may give wrong signals to the people.

4: Support Content
Update your online support content. Stop giving any technical support assurance.

5: Explain The Reason Of The Closure
Now all the users must have been scratching their heads why the closure. Come up with a positive story, if you can. The buyers who were loyal to you should not feel the guilt.

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