Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Enhance your Web Design?

It's important that you design a very good website for it to remain in competition and promote your business effectively. If you want to ensure that the visitors stay for a long time on your website, you need to design a good website incorporating all the aspects related to business. You can either get it done from an individual web designer or a website designing in Pune company.

Professional Logo: This is a very important part of your brand, so ensure that it's located significantly on your site. Make use of an image with high resolution and feature it in the upper left corner of each of your pages. Also, it's advisable to link your logo back to the home page so that the visitors can easily navigate to it.

Intuitive Navigation: Primary navigation options are typically deployed in a horizontal bar along the top of the site. Experts say it's good to provide secondary navigation options underneath the primary navigation bar, or in the left hand margin of the site called sidebar.

Eradicate Clutter
These days, it's extremely easy to be visually overloaded with images, to the point where our brains stop processing information when confronted with several options. In order  to keep the visitors glued on your site ensure that the pages don't have competing calls to action or visual clutter. Moreover, to keep clutter down on landing pages, consider restricting the links and options in the header and footer to narrow the focus even further.

 Also, create adequate space between your paragraphs and images so that the viewer has space to breathe and is more able to absorb all the features your website and business have to offer. 

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