Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Project Failure

To the disappointment of many, even after the serious work, sometimes project fails. This is a pure waste of company’s resources, time and even worse, it damages the hard earned reputation of the company. Even the experienced and efficient manager has also failed in giving smooth and quality delivery of the project.

But what must have been the reasons behind this all too common scenario in Software developmentin Pune? What causes this debacle? Among many valid reasons, one such an important reason is following of the old and archaic theories. Many managers are still dwelling in those out of date theories. The problem with those theories is they were designed as per the need of that times’ hour. They date back to the era where technology was not a tool that everybody handled. Now the situation is diametrically opposite.
Now the need is to add technical touch to human efforts in managing a software project. Today, the market is flooded with such tools which can save your time as well as energy in getting the task done. HR portal, Lighthouse, Creative office, Jump Chart are few to name. This certainly helps in keeping the record of deadlines, daily task report, status of the work and recommendation as well. 

Indeed, if you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail!

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